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Are you confronted with weed grasses, a build-up of black layer and organic matter or is the surface of the sport pitch not even? Do you want to keep your sport pitches in excellent condition?


The Combinator will provide you the ultimate solution. In the late 1990s the GKB Group and the Council of Rotterdam developed the predecessor of the Combinator. With the Combinator you are able to remove the surface layer, without damaging the roots of the grass.


To sum things up, the Combinator is the perfect heavy-duty fraise mower for your next job!


Have you just worked your natural grass or hybrid sports field?  Do you want to level the dress soil or sand quickly
and easily, making irregularities a thing of the past?


Then the GKB Dragframe is the perfect machine for you. With the Dragframe you can dot the i’s and bring your field in top condition. The Dragframe has been developed according to the GKB principle that it is as strong as we would like it to be. The fact that we at GKB are also contractors proves that these are not empty words. This makes the Dragframe the perfect machine for leveling your sports field!

Sand Filler

As a greenkeeper you always strive for perfection. The GKB Sandfiller helps you with that.


Every professional who works on a golf course knows that scarifying and sand filling is a golden combination for thinning and keeping the drainage perfect. This usually takes a lot of man hours. The Sandfiller combines scarifying, removal and sand filling in just one pass. By mixing the sand with grass seed, it is also possible to overseed at the same time. This makes the Sandfiller the perfect machine for your golf course!


Do you want to provide your sports field or golf course with exactly the right amount of sand? Do you want to easily apply the infill material when laying an artificial turf pitch? Or do you have other material that you want to spread accurately?


The Topdrop enables the precise application of various materials. The fact that GKB itself is also a contractor
can be seen in the build quality of the Topdrop. Our machines are designed and manufactured as we would like them ourselves. This makes the Topdrop the best brush dresser for your field!


Are you looking for a way to easily sow or overseed your sports field or golf course?


With the Combiseeder we offer you both solutions. Several types of grass seed can be sown with the Combiseeder. The soil is opened by means of spiked rollers, after which the grass seed is swept in with brushes. A second set of spiked rollers ensures that the holes of the first spikeroll are closed, so that the seeds are protected. This method ensures minimal disturbance of the soil.


The Combiseeder is also equipped with 2 water tanks, so that you can easily regulate the pressure by filling the tanks.


Are you looking for a way to topdress your natural grass sports fields in an environmentally conscious way?


Then the GKB Ecodresser is the perfect machine. The Ecodresser was developed in the late 1990s in collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam and has only been improved over the years. The Ecodresser takes dress soil from your own sports field, so you do not have to supply dress soil yourself. This not only saves costs, but it also prevents you from introducing weeds or other contamination to your field. In addition, the Ecodresser also has an aerating effect!


Do you strive to keep your golf course or sports field in top condition?


The GKB Sandspreader is the right machine to distribute a wide variety of materials evenly over your field. This way you can sand your grass on the golf course or sports field, both during construction and during maintenance.


The Sandspreader is equipped with 4 balloon tires to
distribute the pressure on the ground as well as possible, preventing damage. This ensures that the Sandspreader is the perfect sander for your golf course or sports field!


Do you want to effectively control weeds or a greasy top layer without the use of pesticides? And at the same time
prevent the emergence of stubborn annual meadow grass?


Aerating your sports field with a professional machine is the solution for sustainable management of your sports fields. The Vcollector is suitable for scarifying golf courses, football fields, sports fields and cricket fields. The Vcollector is a scarifying machine specially developed to leave the processed surface as clean as possible and to follow the contours of the field.

Deep Tine Aerator

A compact top layer is a problem that affects field managers and greenkeepers worldwide.


With the GKB Deep Tine Aerator, these problems are a thing of the past. The Deep Tine Aerator penetrates deep into the compacted turf, making the roots accessible to water and air again. The desired hole pattern can be created by means of a heavy-duty three speed gearbox. Not only the gearbox is heavy-duty; the Deep Tine Aerator is designed with thick steel plates, making it suitable for any job!

Leaf Reducer

The Leaf Reducer is a 100% circular method that converts leaf waste into a soil improver. The leaf is pulverized into a fraction that is absorbed by the soil. This ensures that the Leaf Reducer prevents impoverishment of the soil. There are also no disposal costs and landfill costs, which ensures a large CO2 reduction. The method can be used in urban areas, for example in parks and lawns. The working height is adjustable, so that areas with short grass as well as long grass can be treated. The Leafreducer also works in dry as well as in wet conditions.


Creating the perfect natural grass sports field or a unique golf course starts with the right foundation. Do you have areas where the top layer is full of stones? Does this problem result in low grass density?


With the Stoneburier we bring you the solution. The Stoneburier is indispensable for creating a perfect seedbed! GKB makes all its machines the way we would like them ourselves, and this is reflected in the quality. This makes the Stoneburier the perfect machine to free
your top layer from stones!


Are you looking for a way to deal with annual meadow grass, moss, weeds or a greasy top layer? Would you like to keep your field in top condition? Then the Vstrong is the perfect machine for you!


The Vstrong is a powerful scarifying machine that can be equipped with scarifying blades of different thicknesses and is available in different widths, from 1.20m to 2.40m. The working depth can be easily adjusted by means of the spindles, and the outflow can be lowered if desired by means of the hydraulically operated valve.
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