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League Turf Seed Blend

The Perennial Ryegrass Blend when quality, performance and value are essential.
League Blend brings together all the essential qualities required for a premium turf surface e.g. dark green colour, winter activity and quick establishment. Our carefully selected varieties have all performed admirably in the harsh Australian climate.

Olympic Gold

Olympic Gold Blend is a high performance mix, combining the best qualities of three premium ryegrasses. It features the fine texture of SR4600, brilliant deep green colour and salt tolerance of Bonneville and the excellent drought performance of SR4660ST.

Raceday Blend

Raceday is a blend of perennial ryegrass selected specifically to meet the demands of today’s racetracks. A blend consisting of the versatility and deep rooting characteristics of Super Nui along with the winter active
Jeta and summer hardiness of Victorian, and you have the Perfect Raceday.

SR 4660ST Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass

SR 4660ST Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass is an endophyte enhanced ryegrass with extremely high levels of salt and drought tolerance. SR 4660ST has demonstrated excellent traffic tolerance which makes it superior for use on sports fields, as well as parks. The spreading growth habit increases the recovery of wear.

007 Bentgrass

OO7 is an advanced generation bentgrass.It was selected for improved Dollar Spot resistance, bright dark green leafy colour, excellent winter colour with no purpling and a vigorous, uniform, moderately dense growth habit.

777 Bentgrass

777 is an advanced generation creeping bentgrass with the ability to form a dense turf under close mowing

2600A Plus Broadcast Spreader

The 2600A Plus is the answer for the user looking for an easy to store spreader with some Commercial features. The 18kg capacity rustproof poly hopper provides a low profile to keep it out of the way in the tightest area. A Rate Calculation Matrix is included to assist is setting for all of today’s granular products including organic materials.

F80D Dual Port Professional Spreader

The EV-N-SPRED® Dual Port PRO Adjustable Shut-Off System is included on all Professional models and allows the operator to balance the spread pattern evenly across the full 180° spread width, regardless of the weight or size of granular material. By closing either the right and/or left side throwing ports, you can balance the spread pattern to exacting precision without compromising spread width to application rate.

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