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UNLMTD Coolant Concentrate

Tectaloy Unlmtd Concentrate is the latest development in extended life technology, offering maximum Anti Freeze/Anti Boil & corrosion protection for your cooling system.


Recommended for all vehicles to current model manufacturing standards including petrol, diesel, gas, supercharged, turbocharged and stationary engines.


UNLMTD Ready to Use Pre-Mix

Tectaloy Unlmtd Ready to Use Pre-Mix is an Organic Acid Technology (OAT) radiator coolant, pre-mixed to 33% glycol concentrate. This is the perfect choice of coolant for applications where an extra load is placed on the engine.


60PLUS General Purpose Coolant

Tectaloy 60 Plus is a conventional pre-mixed radiator coolant designed for general purpose use. Formulated to protect against overheating, aluminum corrosion, general rust & heat transfer loss and rubber hose breakdown.


XTRA Cool Gold Corrosion Inhibitor Concentrate

XTRA COOL GOLD is formulated using the latest inhibitor technology to provide optimum long life corro sion protection to aluminium alloys & all other metals used in the modern cooling system. XTRA COOL GOLD is suitable for use in all vehicles not requiring anti-freeze protection, both petrol and diesel.

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