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Fast Break Super Penetrant

Permatex Fast Brake Super Penetrant Oil is a heavy-duty penetrant for rusted and frozen assemblies. This Super Penetrating Oil works quickly to penetrate and loosen rust, tar, grease, dirt, carbon deposits and corrosion from metal parts. Use to free frozen nuts, bolts and fittings in all types of assemblies.


Chain Lube

Permatex Chain Lubricant cleans, lubricates, extends life, and protects all types of roller chains, gears and cables that operate under exposed conditions. Easy-to-apply foaming action assures effective application. Repels dirt, sand, dust. Minimal “throw-off”.


Anti-Seize Lubricant

Permatex’s Anti-Seize Lubricant is a highly refined blend of aluminum, copper, and graphite lubricants. Use during assembly to prevent galling, corrosion, and seizing due to weathering or chemicals. Anti-Seize assures easier disassembly. Temperature range: -60°F to 1600°F (-51°C to 871°C). 


Belt Dressing & Conditioner

Permatex Belt Dressing and Conditioner extends belt life and penetrates the cord fibers of “V” belts to restore pliability and flexibility. Belt Dressing and Conditioner prevents belt slippage due to heat, cold, dampness, dust, and glazing. Eliminates squeaking and slipping.


Multi Purpose EP Grease

Toyo Multi purpose EP grease is a extreme pressure lithium grease which is recommended for automotive chassis lubrication, industrial ball and roller bearings under load. It is engineered to provide a long service life in a broad range of applications. It is fortified with multifunctional polymer rust and corrosion inhibitors to give protection for a wide range of application and service conditions.

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