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Doing your work quickly and well, that’s what it’s all about!


The Brush is the largest brushing machine in the GKB range, and your field is just a few steps away from being brushed up. Thanks to the hydraulically folding side brushes, the Brush is easy to store and transport.


The combination of a large working width and a small transport width makes the Brush the ideal brush for your artificial grass sports field.


The GKB Quick-Brush is one of the artificial grass brushes in the GKB Machines product range. With the Quick-Brush you have a machine that can be properly adjusted to your needs. You can easily adjust the height of the Quick-Brush using the spindles.


The Quick-Brush is a very solid machine that you cannot simply write off. At GKB we are contractors ourselves, so these are not empty words. Each machine is designed how we would like it ourselves. This guarantees the quality of our machines, and is exactly how you want it.


It often happens that sports clubs themselves take care of the daily maintenance of artificial turf. We believe that this maintenance branch also needs high-quality material. Quality makes quality!


The Tbrush is a triangular brush that can be used for the daily maintenance of your artificial grass pitches. Our simplest brush is built from a high-quality steel frame in combination with complete plastic brushes. These plastic brushes have the great advantage that they do not perish under the influence of water.


Are you looking for a way to evenly distribute infill over your field?

The GKB Infiller is the perfect machine for this. The Infiller can apply infill in 2 directions and is therefore suitable for several types of infill, such as sand, SBR rubber and cork. Depending on the chosen infill, side walls can be used to increase the content of the bunker to 4 m³.


The Infiller is powered by a Kubota diesel engine, so it does not need a towing vehicle. The combination of a GKB machine and a Kubota engine make the Infiller the perfect machine for the job.


Are you dealing with compacted artificial grass pitches?


Then the GKB Renovator is the machine for you. The Renovator is specially designed to renovate and maintain artificial turf pitches. By means of rotating brushes, even the most dense fields are completely loosened again. Besides the fact that this will drastically improve the quality of play, loosening the infill also has a great effect on the water permeability of the pitch. Drainage problems are therefore a thing of the past.

After using the Renovator, your field will feel like new again!


Do you suffer from large amounts of leaves on your artificial grass sports field, but you don’t have the time or the right resources to remove it?


The GKB Leaf-Clean is the perfect solution. Where raking and leaf blowing have the disadvantages of either being time consuming or blowing the infill off the field, the Leaf-Clean combines the best of both methods. You quickly remove the sheet from your field, while leaving the infill. This unique combination makes the Leaf-Clean the ideal machine to keep your field clean. An efficient time and money saving machine that should not be missed on your field.


The edges of a sports field are difficult to maintain and are often forgotten. GKB has the perfect solution for this with the Rotobrush.


It is important that moss and algae do not get a chance to grow on your field. This causes slipperiness and contamination, which is bad for the playing quality. The edges of the field are extra sensitive to the growth of moss, and together with the fact that this is difficult to reach, makes the Rotobrush an indispensable machine for your sports field. 


Cleaning the edges of your artificial grass sportfield has never been so easy!


The ‘finishing touch’ is what determines the appearance of your artificial turf field. With the Topfinish you drag all types of artificial grass sports fields, spreading the infill and taking any contamination into the mat structure. The result: a good-looking synthetic turf pitch that you can be proud of.


At GKB we are contractors ourselves, which is why we develop and manufacture our machines as we would like them to be. The build quality of the Topfinish proves that we take every machine equally seriously.

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