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CARBON KING is a concentrated liquid combination of humic and fulvic acids for increasing humus and carbon in the soil. Humic and fulvic acids increase nutrient and water retention as well as unlocking tied up  nutrients.

Application Rates: 100 - 200ml/100m² in 5 - 10L of water or 10 - 20L/ha in 500 - 1000L of water.


GREEN MACHINE is a premium blend of stabilised nitrogen, iron and magnesium for use on sports fields, fairways, tees and greens.

Application Rates: 200 - 500ml/100m² in 2 - 4L of water or 20 - 50L/ha in 200 - 400L of water.


SEAGREEN KELP is a highly concentrated kelp concentrate designed to increase root development, microbial activity and plant tolerance to disease and environmental stress.

Application Rates: Turf - 100ml/100m² in 10L of water or 10L/ha in 1000L of water


PHOSFIGHTZ is a premium blend of highly available potassium and phosphonic acid making it an ideal tool to combat turf stress and aid in root recovery. Added amnio and organic acids help increase turf vigor and health.

Application Rates: Foliar 50 -100ml/100m² in 2 - 4L of water or 0.5 - 1L/ha in 200 - 400L of water. 

Drench 150 -200ml/100m² in 5 - 8L of water or 15 - 20L/ha in 500 - 800L of water.


NPK VITALZ is a balanced liquid fertiliser for use on all turf surfaces for recover and plany health.
Chelated trace elements increase plant uptake and availability.

Application Rates: Foliar 200 -500ml/100m² in 2 - 4L of water or 20 - 50L/ha in 200 - 400L of water. 

Drench 200 -500ml/100m² in 6 - 10L of water or 20 - 50L/ha in 600 - 1000L of water.


OXYSHOCK is a stabilized oxygen compound designed to increase oxygen in the soil profile. Oxyshock may help reduce black layer and anerobic conditions due to its oxidizing properties

Application Rate: 10 - 20L/ha in 600 - 1000L of water 


RELEASE is a highly concentrated carbon liquid designed to release tied up nutrients, displace bicarbonates and increase turf vigour.

Application Rates: 50 - 100ml/100m² in 5 - 10L or water or 5 - 10L/ha in 500 - 1000L of water 


FOLI CAL is a premium calcium source complexed with carbohydrates that strengthens cell structure, increases tolerance to environmental stresses and corrects calcium deficiencies.

Application Rate: 100 - 200ml/100m² in 2.5 - 4L or water or 10 - 20L/ha in 250 - 400L of water 


BICARB BUSTER is a water and soil treatment that dissolves bicarbonates and salts while also lowering PH.

Injection dosage depends on the amount of bicarbonate and sodium levels in the water source.  

To reduce the PH by 1, inject 1L per 125,000L water.


GENER8 is a blend of premium nutrients coupled with a bio stimulant package designed to drive recovery and density in turf.

Application Rates: 100 - 200ml/100m² in 2 - 4L of water or 10 - 20L/ha in 200 - 400L of water.


THIRTY K is a premium potassium source in a citrate form making it highly available for plant uptake.  The unique formutaltion is ideal for correcting potassium deficiencies and gving the plant added carbohydrates to deal with everyday environmental stresses

Application Rates: 100 - 200ml/100m² in 2 - 4L of water or 10 - 20L/ha in 200 - 400L of water.

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