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Kohinor 350

Foliar and/or soil-applied treatment of several key insect pests in cotton, various fruit and vegetable crops, turf and ornamentals and sugarcane.

Application Rate: 1.5L/HA

Quali-Pro Twister

A new insecticide for turf professionals to control African Black Beetle, Argentine Stem Weevil & Billbug

Application Rate: 13L/HA

Quali-Pro Prophesy

For the control of Couch Mite and Two Spotted Mite. 

Application Rate: 500ML/HA

Venom Professional

A broad-spectrum insecticide for use in turf, ornamentals and commercial pest control.

Application Rate: 1.2 - 4.4L/HA in a minimum of 200L/HA Water


Key insect pests in turf and for the protection of structures from subterranean termite damage

Application Rate: 300 - 750ML/HA

Proforce Malice 18 Miticide

Malice 18 Miticide is a translaminar miticide, containing the active ingredient abamectin (18g/L). it is an emulsifiable concentrate formulation, and is registered for the control of Couch Mite in all turf situations.

Malice 18 Miticide is also registered for the control of Two Spotted Mite in ornamentals including Roses, Chrysanthemums, Carnations and indoor foliage plants.

Application Rate: 2L/HA

Proforce Malice Duo Miticide

Malice Duo Advance Miticide is a dual miticide, containing the active ingredients abamectin, 18g/L and clofentezine, 187.5g/L. Malice Duo Advances Miticide is a suspension concentrate formulation and is for the control of Couch Mite in all turf situations.

Application Rate: 1.35L/HA in 400 - 800L Water

Proforce Rumbler 100SC 

Rumbler 100SC Insecticide is a broad spectrum insecticide, in a Suspension Concentrate Formulation, containing 100g/L of the active ingredient bifenthrin. It is registered for the control of Lepidopteran pests such as Lawn Armyworm and Sod Webworm and adult stages of Coleopteran pests including Argentine Stem Weevil, Billbug and African Black Beetle in all recreational turf situations. Its is also registered for the control of various insects in ornamentals, ant species and other nuisance insects in pest control situations.

Application Rate: 1.2 - 4.4L/HA

Apollo SC

An ovicidal (egg control)  miticide for the control of Twospotted and other mites in various crops and couch mite in turf and lawns.

Application Rate: 500ML/HA

Moxam 250SC

A long residual insecticide for the larvae control of bilbug and african black beetle in turf and lawns.

Application Rate: 800ML - 1.22L/HA

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