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PRO Z Alpha
23-2-13 + Fe & 50% CRN

PRO Z ALPHA is a high quality 50% controlled release fertiliser that is ideal for maintenance applications or when sustained growth and plant conditioning is required.  Contains 2.5% Fe for rapid green-up.

Application Rate: 175 - 275KG/HA

Pro Z Charlie

PRO Z Charlie
17-2-7 + 11% S + 6% Ca

PRO Z CHARLIE is a well balanced nutritional fertiliser that provides an effective green up without excessive N.

Application Rate: 175 - 300KG/HA

Pro Z Tango

PRO Z Tango
30-0-10 + Fe & 75% CRN

PRO Z TANGO is the ideal blend for use where excellent colour and a longer period of slow release is required. Ideal for the maintenance of high quality turf be it high or low cut, when frequent applications are not possible.

Application Rate: 175 - 275KG/HA

Pro Z Uniform

PRO Z Uniform
20-0-20 + Fe, Mn & 50% CRN

PRO Z UNIFORM provides a uniform balance of N : K ratio. The equal potassium to nitrogen ratio builds strength in the plant to cope with the stresses of wear, seasonal demands, and disease pressures. 

Application Rate: 175 - 275KG/HA


Omya Calciprill

Calciprill is a 2 to 6 mm granulated product formed from ultra-fine particles of 100% natural calcium  carbonate.  It acts as a soil conditioner, balancing pH to the optimal level, and provides calcium nutrition, which, amongst many functions, is essential for the structure and stability of cell walls.

Application Rate: 300 - 625KG/HA

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