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5.0 CAL

50 Cal is a blend of calcium with simple and complex carbohydrates.

Application Rate: 10 - 20L/HA


Field proven and university tested over the last 20 years, Astron is designed to sustain strength, health and stress resistance in turfgrass. Astron is a proprietary blend of secondary and micronutrients designed for use on highly managed turfgrass. Astron contains antioxidants, organic complexes and extracts of non-plant food source materials derived from natural fermentation processes.

Application Rate: 5 - 10L/HA


Calcium is a critical nutrient for plant growth and a primary element in healthy soil functioning. Highly soluble, Calphlex is designed as a catalyst for making nutrients available for turfgrass uptake. Calphlex promotes conversion of insoluble calcium to soluble form, extending its effectiveness far beyond Calphlex’s actual calcium content.

Application Rate: 10 - 20L/HA


Fight’s On incorporates a unique set of stabilizers to keep silicic acid and phosphite from tying up before use in the plant. Phosphite is key for regenerating ATP for energy. Phosphite and silicic acid perform a synergistic function which optimizes cell elasticity during growth.

Application Rate: 10 - 20L/HA


Designed as a defensive shield against turfgrass stress, Floradox Pro provides the building blocks to generate defensive and recuperative proteins. These defensive proteins are key to a plant’s ability to withstand stress, heal wounds and recover from injury.

Application Rate: 10 - 20L/HA


Knife Plus is a readily available iron compound designed for enhanced color and growth, extended greening and improved rooting for manicured turf. Knife Plus contains a balance of extracts and natural fermentation materials to encourage healthy plant development under any environmental, chemical or mechanical stresses.

Application Rate: 5 - 10L/HA


Oxyflor may be especially helpful when anaerobic soil conditions contribute to black layer or algae formation or to deliver active oxygen to the roots during respiration stress conditions.

Application Rate: 5 - 10L/HA


Per “4” Max drives turf density using a proprietary biostimulant blend containing natural growth-enhancers and antioxidants along with carbon-based elicitors. Field and university tested, Per “4” Max complements other sound turf management practices.

Application Rate: 5 - 10L/HA


Perk Up is turfgrass relief in a bottle. A blend of calcium, simple and complex carbohydrates, and naturally occurring compounds specifically designed to treat photosynthetic and respiration stress-induced deficiencies on intensively managed turfgrass.

Application Rate: 5 - 10L/HA


ProteSyn is “liquid sunshine in a bottle.” The new and improved formulation contains amino acids, simple proteins and carbohydrates fortified with plant enzymes, vitamins, plant sugars and other simple and complex carbons in a 6-2-3 nutrient base.

Application Rate: 10 - 20L/HA (Foliar) or 30 - 40L/HA (Soil)



Renaissance is a premium micronutrient compound containing key elements for promoting strong and healthlyturfgrass. Also included are the essential building blocks for chlorophyll production to give the best possible color.

Application Rate: 2.5 - 5L/HA

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